Young Robin - taken 2009 in back garden - Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


When was the last time you actually watched wildlife in your back garden?

Today? Last week? Can't remember? In today's modern world, we are finding it increasingly difficult to relax and take time out from work or family. This blog is to remind you all of the free entertainment that we can enjoy each and every day - WILDLIFE!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I knew I could hear the low, depressed sound of a Bullfinch! Spotted him rustling through the undergrowth, searching for berries I guess.
The photos not brilliant but its the best I could do through the upstairs window!

I wonder what food I can put out to attract him closer, maybe blueberries or something? I'm not sure if they eat the usual seed or nuts.
The garden has still been just as busy today with the regular "diners", it's a shame I miss all the activity during the week now being as its dark when I come home from work!


Warren Baker said...

Sharon, it's a her! She may be tempted by sunflowers, but they are shy birds!

ShySongbird said...

You are lucky Sharon! I had not seen one since I was a child, until earlier this year I spotted one right at the bottom of the garden and just managed to get a quick it flew away! I have never seen it since.

Great photos on the previous post too, I loved the Robins. I hope you garden remains busy and you manage to get time (and daylight!) to watch all the activity :)

sharon said...

Warren - Ooops, thanks for pointing that out!
Shysongbird - thanks for your comments, I do love Bullfinches but their whistle just sounds so sad!

Chris said...

Well done to see the bullfinch... He is jsut gonna be used to the feeders soon and you will get him better