Young Robin - taken 2009 in back garden - Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


When was the last time you actually watched wildlife in your back garden?

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Home!

We have finally moved into our new house, after just over a week of packing, cleaning, working, unpacking, more cleaning - I've come to the conclusion I hate moving!
The new home is lovely and the back garden is fantastic!  Its quite a mature garden with lots of shrubs & bushes.

It has a narrow path leading you all the way around the grass to the back of the garden through more bushes and ends up at a shed which is covered in ivy!
I would like to say it's a haven for birds but we've had 2 different cats hiding in the garden so far :-(
We have got our priorities right though, and after an hour of being in the house on the first day, we decided unpacking can wait - the feeders must go up in the garden first!
So far, we've put up the coconut, seed feeder and the house.  

 These are all just in temporary positions until we get sorted.
After just 4 days, the House Sparrows have found the house!
The Starlings have discovered the coconut!
A couple of Coal Tits have been helping themselves to the Sunflower Seeds, Blackbirds have been rummaging around in the tree bark under the shrubs and a Dunnock has been underneath the seed house picking up any bits that the Sparrows throw off.
We've also put up a nest box at the side of the shed in the hope that a Robin might take an interest (especially with all the cover there is!)

I'd forgotten how noisy Starlings & Sparrows can be having not had them in the garden for a year - I have actually missed them!  Hopefully, once more feeders and a bath have been put in the garden, there'll be plenty of photos to be taken!


Warren Baker said...

Looks like you'll get a long list of species in that garden sharon! Looks ideal for a small pond on that lawn ( saves on mowing time!)

Enjoy the birds!!

Cheryl said...

Hope you enjoy your new home. Lovely garden, the birds will love the shrubs. You need to chase away the cats, or your may end up supplying them with regular treats.....

BTW I hate moving to!!

Sharon said...

Warren - thanks - would love to have a pond but the house is rented & I don't think we're allowed - a bath will have to do!
Cheryl - thanks - we're investing in water pistols for the cats ;-)

Phil said...

Hi Sharon, hope you are very happy in your new home. The birds and the wildlife there are surely feeling very lucky! Hope you are a good shot with those water pistols.

Sharon said...

Don't worry about my aim Phil - I practised with sultanas on them at the last house!

Jenny said...

Hi Sharon, well this garden shows alot of promise. How exciting to be in at the start to see what you'll coax there.

Chris said...

Hi Sharon,
it looks like this is a high potential birding spot... This is a very nice garden and I do hope you will enjoy it as well as the birds ;-)

The Early Birder said...

Hi Sharon. I think you and we can look forward to some interesting finds in your 'new' mature garden. I still have a problem with one cat who always creeps in and out when we are not around!

Anonymous said...

omg, your garden is lush!
you got very lucky there sharon.
Happy Days!!

Anonymous said...

It must be nice to move into a new house with all of the cover and plants out of doors. I suppose the birds will find the feeders in due time and eat you out of house and home.