Young Robin - taken 2009 in back garden - Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


When was the last time you actually watched wildlife in your back garden?

Today? Last week? Can't remember? In today's modern world, we are finding it increasingly difficult to relax and take time out from work or family. This blog is to remind you all of the free entertainment that we can enjoy each and every day - WILDLIFE!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Giant Alien Snail Seen Hovering over Wicklow, Ireland!


Forest the Bear said...

Run for your lives!!!!! Great picture Sharon.


Warren Baker said...

did it go over in SLOW motion. :-)

sharon said...

Warren - Ha ha (groan!)
Forest - Thanks.

Decided I needed to post something to lighten everyones mood after horrible snowy cold day!

Bob Bushell said...

It is the first of many occasions, wait, there's another one coming.

siobhan said...

That photo made me laugh! Great I've found another birder's blog. Will keep checkin in with you to see what you're see in wicklow - I'll add you to my Irish Bird Blogs!