Young Robin - taken 2009 in back garden - Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


When was the last time you actually watched wildlife in your back garden?

Today? Last week? Can't remember? In today's modern world, we are finding it increasingly difficult to relax and take time out from work or family. This blog is to remind you all of the free entertainment that we can enjoy each and every day - WILDLIFE!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love is in the air........

...... everywhere I look around!

Okay, maybe not love but, by the way the birds are pairing up, breeding season is definitely around the corner!

I think the "cutest" couple has to be the Robins - he sits guarding the feeding station whilst she feeds on the fat balls, he even chases off the little Coal Tits who are only after a few sunflower seeds! When she's finished, he then flies to a high branch & sings his little heart out.

It's not surprising he's paired off already, when his territory includes the best bird restaurant in town!

We also have 2 pairs of Great Tits, 2 pairs of Blue Tits, 2 pairs of Coal Tits, 1 pair of Dunnocks (who don't stand a chance when the Robin is around!), and we now have a pair of Thrushes which I'm pleased about!

The Long Tailed Tits just arrive in a flock of between 7 and 11, you can tell they are very social birds and love company, and I've given up trying to work out the Blackbirds and who's with who!

So when Spring arrives and the first little ones are being fed by their parents, I like to think I played matchmaker a little & helped them get together!


Warren Baker said...

Wont be long now Sharon! Spring is almost here, and with a bit of luck February will be mild.

I had a LT Tit in my garden today, just one, yea!

Cheryl said...

Hi Sharon.....the gardeners favourite bird...the robin. To hear a robin sing always leaves me spellbound.

Spring is in the air.....I can almost feel the sap rising.....

Happy Sunday to you....BTW love the header, stunning.

Phil said...

Agree with your observation about free entertainment Sharon. It's also very educational. Regards Phil

Chris said...

Excellent..... I had the feeling also that birds were coming to life again when I visited the coastline yesterday... We could see thousands of gulls, gannets and other marine birds, really close to shore... I guess it is the same in European gardens, everybody is preparing the new season and as you said this little robin has the best feeding place ever for this love! Gorgeous shots you got of this nice robin, and I love the long-tailed tits picture too.

Anonymous said...

you're a lucky duck!

Blogger said...

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